75 Interesting Facts About NASA

Facts About NASA: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or abbreviated as NASA is the branch of government of the United States of America responsible for the nation's public space programs. and is responsible for Aeronautics and Aerospace Revision. As of February 2006, NASA's goal is to "enhance future space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research". On 14 September 2011, NASA announced that it had chosen to design a new Space Launch System that would enable the organization's astronauts to travel farther into space, marking a new step in human space exploration by the US.

75 Interesting Facts About NASA

Interesting Facts About Nasa

  • Project Mercury was the first project of NASA.
  • “NASA” stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • The NASA Dryden Flight Research Center is in Edwards, California.
  • It was a NASA scientist that invented the Super Soaker squirt gun.
  • The headquarters for NASA is in Washington D.C. located on 300 E. Street SW.
  • NASA was created in 1958 from the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958.
  • NASA was the primary opponent of the Soviet space program during the space race.
  • NASA was the successor of the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics).
  • NASA launched a space probe to Pluto in 2006. It was scheduled to arrive 9 years later.
  • A US flag that went on two separate moon missions hangs in NASA’s mission control room.
  • In NASA’s last astronaut recruitment intake for 8 positions there were 6000 applications.
  • NASA actually has an Office of Planetary Protection in case life is found on another planet.
  • An intern, Thad Roberts, was incarcerated for 7 years after having intercourse on stolen moon rocks.
  • NASA and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare founded the Learning Channel (TLC) in 1972.
  • NASA designed a spaceship that is capable of using a nuclear explosion to deflect an oncoming asteroid.

Awesome Facts About NASA

  • Lonnie Johnson, a NASA scientist, invented the Super Soaker; he also helped develop the stealth bomber.
  • NASA is responsible for the U.S. civilian space program, along with aeronautics and aerospace research.
  • There are U.S. and Russian astronauts aboard the International Space Station. They keep separate water supplies.
  • The first manned spacecraft from NASA was Freedom 7 and carried Alan B. Shepard Jr. into space on May 15th, 1961.
  • A person can't be recognized as an astronaut by NASA until they have traveled 50 miles from the surface of the earth.
  • In 1999 NASA lost an orbiter as one-half of the engineers were using metric measurements and the other was using imperial.
  • In 1972 a series of satellites were launched into space. Their purpose was to photograph the earth's surface from outer space.
  • NASA launched the Landsat satellites in 1972; they were designed to photograph the entirety of the Earth‘s surface from space.
  • NASA’s slogan is “To explore the Universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers, as only NASA can”.
  • NASA has a program for dealing with life on other planets, if it should be discovered, called the Office of Planetary Protection.
  • NASA’s Kepler mission, launched in 2009 has found 2,325 planet candidates and 1,284 were in a single finding, the largest to date.
  • Columbia was NASA’s first space shuttle. On February 1, 2003, its 28th mission, it crumbled into pieces over Texas whilst on re-entry.

Historical Facts About NASA

  • NASA was founded on July 29, 1958, and started work on October 1, 1958. A year after the world’s first satellite; Sputnik 1 was launched.
  • It’s reported that NASA will show new employees the movie Armageddon and ask them to identify as many scientific inaccuracies as they can.
  • NASA is known to show the movie Armageddon to new staff and question them about inaccuracies in the film. At least 168 have been identified.
  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, commonly known as NASA, is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government.
  • NASA began to operate in 1958, one year after Sputnik 1 was launched by the Soviets. Sputnik 1 was the first artificial satellite in the world.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy, a famous television show host, applied repeatedly to be an astronaut but NASA has continually rejected his application.
  • Three Yemen men sued NASA for trespassing on Mars by claiming they had inherited the planet thousands of years ago, from their ancient ancestors...
  • On Wednesday, June 1, 2016, NASA met social media, broadcasting a chat between Mark Zuckerberg and 3 astronauts aboard the ISS on their Facebook page.
  • NASA was sued by three gentlemen from Yemen for trespassing on Mars. They claimed that they had inherited the planet from their ancestors 3000 years ago.
  • The leader of NASA is the NASA Administrator, and this person is nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate.
  • There has been a lot of speculation that the moon landing was fake. In 2006 NASA admitted they had taped over the original tapes and they were no longer available.

Scientific Facts About NASA

  • NASA is estimated to have sent over 2200 animals into space including insects, pigs, monkeys, rats, rabbits, and spiders, 2000 were sent on one mission STS-90 in 1998.
  • NASA announced that, alongside the National Nuclear Security Administration, they are working on plans to possibly destroying hazardous asteroids with nuclear weapons.
  • NASA ran a competition among elementary and secondary school students to name a new shuttle. Then-president George H.W. Bush announced the winner Endeavour in May 1989.
  • Neil Armstrong was one week late submitting his application to NASA. His friend Dick Day slipped the application into the pile so that it wouldn't look like it was late.
  • The logos of the organization are known as the meatball and worm, the worm was to represent the new and aerodynamic. Everyone hated it and they went back to the meatball.
  • The SR-71, or Blackbird, was a secretive spy aircraft used by NASA for high-speed, high-altitude aeronautical research. It was designed in the late 1950s and first flew in 1964.
  • NASA found a solution to the dreaded breadcrumb and instrument problem after some serious contemplation. Since 1985 astronauts have used tortillas instead of bread to minimize risk.
  • Gregory Nemitz’s firm Orbital Development issued NASA a $20 parking ticket after saying asteroid 433 Eros belonged to them and NASA’s craft NEAR Shoemaker had landed without permission.
  • NASA in 2014 had a lawsuit filed against them by author Rhawn Joseph as they didn’t investigate potential alien life when a rock weirdly appeared in front of the Mars opportunity Rover.
  • In 2006 NASA had to get hold of and restore, copies of the original moon landing from CBS and the Johnson Space Center after admitting to accidentally recording over their own tape recordings.

Technology Facts About NASA

  • People can get paid around $9,000 per month by NASA to lie in bed for every minute of the day for up to 70 days; they then monitor these volunteers to perfect methods for astronauts into space.
  • President John F. Kennedy set NASA the goal of sending a man to the moon by the end of the 1960s. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission.
  • The NASA Apollo program (1961 to 1972) was successfully at putting the first man on the moon. The Apollo program was able to successfully complete six missions where an astronaut walked on the moon.
  • Apollo 12 was struck by lightning but a NASA flight controller named John Aaron saved it. He also saved the Apollo 13 crew members when he developed a safe way to safely re-enter via a power up sequence.
  • NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building is that large it can have rain clouds form near the ceiling inside the building on humid days. To counteract this, it has one of the world’s largest air conditioning systems.
  • As of January 2016, visitors of the Space Center Houston will be greeted by a life-size replica of the Space Shuttle, known as Independence, on a NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft. The center is available to hire.
  • NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center has 100 buildings covering 660 hectares (1 hectare is an American football field or 10,000 sq. meters). It even has its own law enforcement the PSO; Protective Services Office.
  • Prior to the establishment of NASA, President Woodrow Wilson started the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The program was meant to both supervise and to direct scientific research and study into flight problems.
  • A full-sized ISS replica is used to train astronauts to spacewalk for repairing the ISS, The Natural Buoyancy Laboratory is submerged in a swimming pool the size of 10 Olympic pools and have astronauts scuba dive in full space suits for hours.
  • NASA is funded by the United States Federal Government, which the largest funding peaking in 1966, where it was 4.41% of the federal budget. In 2016, NASA received $19.3 billion dollars for Aeronautics, Earth science, exploration and planetary science.
  • Because the Apollo astronauts did not qualify for life insurance by insurance companies, or even by NASA, they signed 'insurance autographs' prior to launch. If they died the hope was that the autographs would be worth a lot of money for their loved ones.
  • The NASA Space Shuttle program (1972 to 2011) was successful at creating a reusable space vehicle that could put humans into orbit. While the program was successful, two shuttles were lost in disasters, killing 14 astronauts. The lost shuttles were Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003.

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