80 Unknown Facts About Cleopatra for Kids

Facts About Cleopatra: Cleopatra VII (Cleopatra the Seventh) (51-30 BC) One of the most famous Cleopatra in history is Cleopatra VII. She was the daughter of Ptolemy XII. BC After his death in 51, she ruled as queen of Egypt with her fathers Ptolemy 13th and 14th and her son Ptolemy 15th. She also played a significant role in Roman politics due to her personal relationship with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the main leaders of the Roman Empire during that period.

80 Unknown Facts About Cleopatra for Kids

Unknown Facts About Cleopatra for Kids

  • Cleopatra’s official birthname was Cleopatra VII.
  • Ptolemaic Egypt was one of the greatest powers of that time.
  • Cleopatra’s first two marriages were to her younger brothers.
  • She has been more renowned for her intellect than her beauty.
  • Cleopatra was the last ancient Egyptian ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.
  • In 37 BCE, Mark Antony marries Cleopatra and sparks a war with Octavian.
  • She was a real linguistic person. She knew at least 9 different languages.
  • Cleopatra had four children, one with Julius Caesar and three with Mark Antony.
  • She made an ally of the ruler of Rome Julius Caesar. She gave birth to Caesar’s son.
  • Mark Antony committed suicide when he was given the false news of Cleopatra’s death.
  • After Caesarion was killed, Egypt became a province of Rome and was renamed Aegyptus.
  • Cleopatra sent troops to Rome in support of the triumvirate which resulted in victory.
  • In 30 BCE, Cleopatra commits suicide. Octavian gave her the choice to choose how she died.
  • In 58 BCE, Cleopatra’s father Ptolemy XII was expelled from Egypt by courtiers in Alexandria.
  • She lived in Rome as Caesar’s mistress and returned to Egypt after his assassination in 44 BC.
  • In 46 BCE, Cleopatra gives birth to Caesarion. A child believed to be fathered by Julius Caesar.

Historical Facts About Cleopatra

  • The child by Cleopatra and Julius Caesar was Caesarion (Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar).
  • Cleopatra studied various different subjects like mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, oratory etc.
  • Cleopatra used henna as natural nail polish which gave her fingernails a lovely reddish-brown color.
  • In 49 BCE, Cleopatra army loses a fight against her brother Ptolemy XIII and withdraws from Alexandria.
  • After that, she married another powerful Roman leader, Mark Antony and they had three children together.
  • In 47 BCE, Julius Caesar installs Cleopatra and her younger brother Ptolemy XIV as joint rulers of Egypt.
  • When Cleopatra heard that Antony was dead she also killed herself by allowing a poisonous Cobra bite her.
  • Meanwhile in Egypt, Ptolemy had Pompey, the general murdered and welcomed Julius Caesar of Rome in Alexandria.
  • In 47 BC, Cleopatra gave birth to the conqueror’s son, Ptolemy Caesar, also known as Caesarion or Little Caesar.
  • Cleopatra’s son was killed at the age of 17 on the order of Octavian who was the adoptive child of Julius Caesar.
  • In 31 BCE, the apex of the fight been Mark Antony and Octavian is a naval battle, which is easily won by Octavian.
  • It is believed by most of the historians that Cleopatra was responsible for killing all three of her own siblings.
  • Diet was also important to Cleopatra. She’d regularly eat pickled cucumbers believing it would help her appearance.
  • If you ever run out of brow product, toast up some almonds! The Queen of Egypt used burnt almonds to darken her eyebrows.
  • Cleopatra was born in Egypt but was actually a Macedonian Greek. She was the first ruler who learned to speak and write in Egyptian.

Amazing Facts About Cleopatra

  • According to legends, she’d take baths with warm donkey milk and honey for her complexion. However, historians have never confirmed it.
  • Cleopatra was sure that scents could be used as a tool of persuasion and she even had her own perfume factory. It even had an early spa.
  • In 42 BCE, Cleopatra meets Mark Antony convinces him not to attack the Parthian Empire and to have her younger sister Arsinoe executed in Rome.
  • Cleopatra died at the age of 39 in August 30 BCE, in Alexandria, Roman Egypt. The exact date of her death isn’t recorded in any surviving records.
  • Cleopatra was born in the early part of 69 BCE in Alexandria, Ptolemaic Kingdom. The exact date of her birth isn’t recorded in any surviving records.
  • The three children by Cleopatra and Mark Antony were Cleopatra Selene II, Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus (Ptolemy XVI Philadelphus Antonius).
  • At the same time, Cleopatra recognised herself as the New Isis. In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis was the sister-wife of Osiris and mother to Horus.
  • After Caesar’s death, the triumvirate in Rome composed of Mark Antony, Octavian, and Lepidus was in conflict against Caesar’s assassins Cassius and Brutus.
  • In 40 BCE, Mark Antony marries Octavian’s sister to form a strong alliance between the two. Octavian is the only major threat to Anthony’s command of Roman.
  • Cleopatra is most well-known for her influence in Roman politics during a pivotal period in Roman and her relationships with both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.
  • In 47 BCE, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar use their armies to defeat Ptolemy XIII. While trying to escape the final battle, Ptolemy XIII drowns in a capsized ship.
  • After Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC, Cleopatra sided with Mark Antony in opposition to Caesar’s legal heir, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (also known as Augustus).
  • Cleopatra and Caesar ruled Ancient Egypt together from 44 BC to 30 BC. When Caesarion was named co-ruler by his mother on September 2, 44 BC, he was only three years old.

Interesting Facts About Cleopatra

  • In 51 BCE, Cleopatra’s father Ptolemy XII dies. At the age of 18, Cleopatra marries her 10 year old brother Ptolemy XIII and they became co-rulers of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.
  • Cleopatra was married three times throughout her lifetime. Her first husband was Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator. Her second husband was Ptolemy XIV. Her third husband was Mark Antony.
  • Although she was known simply as Cleopatra, her full name was Cleopatra VII Philopator and she was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 69 BC. She was the daughter of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V.
  • By 44 BC, Julius Caesar was murdered. As a result, Cleopatra returned to Egypt from Rome. Ptolemy XIV’s death soon followed. Cleopatra then ruled Egypt with her son Caesarion (Ptolemy XV).
  • Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemaic pharaoh Ptolemy XII. The identity of her mother is unknown. Some historians believe Cleopatra V, Ptolemy XII sister, could have been Cleopatra’s mother.
  • Cleopatra then had a relationship with Mark Antony and had three children with him. These children were the twins Cleopatra Selene II and Alexander Helios, and another son, Ptolemy Philadelphus.
  • The Queen had children from both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Caesar’s son’s name was Caesarion. With Mark Antony, she had twins, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene II, and Ptolemy Philadelphus.
  • In 44 BCE, about a month after Julius Caesar’s assassination, Ptolemy XIV dies of poisoning. While never proven, many believed Cleopatra poisoned her younger brother to have absolute control over Egypt.
  • In 48 BCE, Julius Caesar wins the civil war with Pompey. Pompey flees to Egypt but is assassinated by Ptolemy XIII. This action enrages Julius Caesar and demands both Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII disband their armies.
  • When recreating Cleopatra’s makeup, most of our contemporaries use gold or nude colors. However, the queen painted her lips and cheeks bright red. For this, she used red ochre which was finely ground and mixed with water.
  • In 51 BC, upon the death of her father, Cleopatra co regent ruled Egypt with her younger brother Ptolemy XIII. By 49 BC, Cleopatra fled to Syria and raised an army of mercenaries against her brother who initially backstabbed her.
  • After Mark Antony’s troops lost the Battle of Actium to Octavian’s forces, Antony committed suicide. Cleopatra followed suit and, according to tradition, she killed herself by letting a poisonous snake, called an asp, bite her on August 12, 30 BC.
  • To this day, Cleopatra is a popular and well-known name in Western culture. She has appeared in many works of art and dramatizations of her story. For example, Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, George Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra and the 1963 film, Cleopatra.
  • Caesarion, Cleopatra’s son, ruled Ancient Egypt very briefly, but he was too young and was easily defeated and killed on the orders of Octavian, who would later become known as the Roman ruler Augustus. It is thought that Caesarion died on 23 August, 30 BC at the age of 17.
  • Cleopatra took her own life after she was captured by Octavian. Roman historians claimed she killed herself with a toxic onement. A common belief is she died from the bite of an Egyptian cobra or asp bite. The way Cleopatra committed suicide is heavily debated by historians.
  • After four months of war against Ptolemy XIII, Julius Caesar won the battle and was able to gain Egypt for resources. Caesar aimed to return to Rome using the Egyptian wealth. Cleopatra sought support from Caesar and regained the throne together with her younger brother, Ptolemy XIV.
  • Queen Cleopatra studied mathematics, astronomy, rhetoric, and philosophy. She was the only representative of her dynasty who adopted Egyptian religion and was interested in the culture of Egypt. Before her reign, the Ptolemaic were not interested in the gods and customs of their people.
  • Cleopatra had a wonderful sense of humor. She and Mark Antony formed their own society known as the “Inimitable Livers.” The group engaged in nightly feasts and wine binges. The Queen and Mark Antony loved to wander the streets of Alexandria in disguise and play pranks on its residents.
  • Cleopatra’s famous black eyeliner arrows were not for decoration, but for health. They helped her to avoid eye infections that were quite common in those days. Cleopatra’s eye makeup was made with kohl. It contained substances that prevented the development of such diseases. However, kohl’s lead content has caused it to be banned in the modern age.
  • To keep her skin soft and clear, Cleopatra may have used rose water as a toner. Even William Shakespeare wrote about the queen’s affinity for rose water in Anthony and Cleopatra. Surprisingly, to this day, this ingredient can be found in most tonics and cleansers. You can do it yourself: just place the rose petals in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Once the petals have lost most of their color, turn off the stove and let the beauty potion cool. If you’d like, you can add a few drops of vitamin E to the substance.

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