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Hunting is the capture and killing of living things, especially wild animals, for food, pleasure, trade, etc. Not only humans but also animals do this. Government laws make it a crime to export the products of animals hunted for commercial purposes, and literature tells of hunting by Tamil kings throughout history. Legislation against poaching of endangered species has been enacted in many countries. Hindu mythology tells us that kings enjoyed hunting as a pastime.

Hunting has a long history. It may be that the habit started when the primitive humans before our ancestors hunted animals and ate meat till today. This habit, which started to defend itself from larger animals, may later become a feeding habit. Hunting was a means of sustenance before civilizations settled on the plains and developed farmlands and learned to cultivate them.

Facts About Hunter

Weird Facts About Hunter

  • Hina’s hat imitates her emotions. 
  • “Coursing” is the use of hounds in hunting.
  • Hunting with firearms began in the 16th century.
  • Most hunters retire from the sport by the age of 65.
  • Pariston Hill’s name was an anagram of Paris Hilton.
  • Horses were raised to hunt starting in 2nd millennium.
  • There are currently 10 three-star Hunters in the series.
  • As of 2019, Hunter x Hunter has sold over 78 million copies.
  • Pituo has the biggest En range extending up to 2.2 Kilometers.
  • Weapon choices vary, but a bow and arrow are fairly traditional
  • 60 out of the 100 Richest characters in the series are Hunters.
  • Almost a third of hunters in the United States are baby boomers.
  • And did you know? Bungee gum has properties of both rubber and gum.
  • Artemis, daughter of Zeus, was the virgin Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • Silva Zoldyck likes Benny Delon and his works, according to Killua. 
  • American hunters track and kill most of their trophy animals in Canada.
  • Different types of hunting are popular in different parts of the world.
  • Bows and arrows were a universal method of hunting, except in Australia.
  • Hisoka means secret in Japanese. Damn, It suits his personality so well.
  • Sui Ishida, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul, is a big fan of “Hunter X Hunter”.
  • By 1770, wolves had become extinct in the British isles due to overhunting.

Amazing Facts About Hunting

  • The very first character to have appeared in Hunter x Hunter Manga is Kite.
  • In the French version of Hunter x Hunter, Leorio nicknamed Killua “Llukia”.
  • Our bald Ninja, Hanzo, is named after Hatori Hanzo, a famous Japanese ninja.
  • Foxes were initially hunted like vermin but were eventually hunted for sport.
  • In 1515, the French government made hunting and poaching illegal for peasants.
  • The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck.- Walter Cronkite
  • Blowpipes, or blow guns, are some of the most dangerous weapons a hunter can use.
  • In the United States hunting is usually done with a gun, bow and arrow, or traps.
  • Morel’s technique “Deep Turtle” is a reference to the rock band of the same name.
  • And Ironically Chrollo Lucifer used Ben’s knife to cut Silva’s arm in their fight. 
  • Somewhat ironically, money spent on hunting helps fund wildlife conservation efforts
  • Gon shares the same birthday with Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist of One Piece.
  • On the other hand, the dark-haired members of their family use the Manipulation type.
  • Despite his appearances, Kalluto is a boy and is the youngest member of Phantom Troupe.
  • Diana, the Roman equivalent of Artemis, guarded forests and the animals who lived there.
  • If you don’t pay child support in Texas you won’t be able to renew your hunting license.
  • A character from Yu Yu Hakusho, Suzaku appeared in Chrollo’s book as one of his victims. 
  • In episode 126 of the 2011 Hunter x Hunter series, Welfin drinks a Heineken Brand beer can.
  • Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed hawking (where prey is killed by trained hawks) as well as hunting.

Interesting Facts About Hunting

  • The words on Zeno Zoldyk’s clothing say either “A Kill A Day” (一日一殺) or “Never Retire” (生涯現役)
  • Hunter x Hunter was written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • In Africa, the most common trophy animal is the lion, followed by the elephant and the leopard.
  • Kortopi’s name is an anagram of “making copies” in Japanese (“Kopi two Toru” becomes “Korutopi”)
  • The Greed Island arc is created out of Togashi’s desire to draw a card battle manga like Yugioh.
  • Nobility in medieval England hunted several animals, including the stag, the boar, and even otters.
  • Hunter x Hunter has its own alphabets which can be translated directly to Japanese then to English.
  • The term “Sniper” originally referred to hunters skilled enough to shoot a Snipe, a species of bird.
  • The Australian boomerang, now a popular toy and tourist gift, was originally a tool used for hunting.
  • It costs about $20 and takes about 5 hours for the average deer hunter to secure one pound of venison.
  • Only Ging Freecss passed the 267th Hunter Examination and it was the same case with Killua but on 288th.
  • The use of hunting dogs can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where greyhounds were used to track gazelles.
  • All Silver-haired members of the Zoldyck family (Zeno, Silva, and Killua) have transmutation type of Nen. 
  • With a 3,250 feet tall,251 floors, Heavens Arena is the 4th tallest building in the Hunter x Hunter series.
  • The Hunter Association counted 661 hunters at the start of the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman. 
  • Wolves were hunted to extinction in the UK, but species still remain in North America and in continental Europe.

Scary Facts About Hunting

  • In some cases where hunting is closely regulated, hunting actually helps animal populations to thrive and grow.
  • The U.S. Post Office sells a $25 stamp that’s required for duck hunting. The proceeds go to conservation efforts.
  • In ancient Egypt, hunters were a separate class, often hunting for nobles and aristocrats as well as on their own.
  • Non-violent natural activities, such as nature photography and bird watching, are replacing hunting in popularity.
  • Kurapika is the only known character in the entire HxH series with two Nen types – Conjuration and Specialization.
  • Archaic humans began hunting around 3 million years ago, and it has remained a part of our civilization since then.
  •  Togashi is actually married to the author of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi. She even helped him in earlier chapters.
  • Killua’s favorite food is ChocoRobo-Kun chocolate balls and he hates red peppers. He also has a gambling addiction.
  • Mixcoatl was the Aztec god of hunting. To ensure a prosperous hunting season, the Aztecs performed human sacrifices.
  • During the Middle Ages, hunting as a sport was reserved for the rich and done on private lands owned by aristocrats.
  • Aztecs often made humans sacrifices to ensure the favor of the gods (we're curious about how they hunted those animals)
  • Only five percent of Americans participated in hunting during the past five years, meaning the sport is on the decline.
  • The most common “trophy” animal (an animal meant to be killed and then displayed) in the United States is the snow goose.
  • There are a group of Native Americans in Mexico who run 200 miles in one session and hunt by running their prey to death.
  • Franklins’s name and appearance are both based on the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein in the 1931 movie Frankenstein.
  • Samuel Colt, the man who created an empire selling hunting weapons, was said to have coined the phrase “new and improved.”

Historical Facts About Hunting

  • Royal feasts in medieval and renaissance Europe often included wild boar and venison, sometimes killed by the king himself.
  • Knuckle, Shoot, Palm, and Gyro are named after different baseball pitches Knuckleball, Shoot Ball, Palm ball, and Gyroball.
  • The Hunter x Hunter guide book published in 2001 revealed that Kikyo Zoldyck, Canary, and Gotoh originated from Meteor City.
  • The Hunter x Hunter series also has 2 movies. They are Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge and Hunter x Hunter: The last mission.
  • Read our post on 55 Notorious One Piece facts that every fan needs to know || FACTVRSE for more awesome facts about One Piece.
  • In episode 41 of the hunter x hunter 2011 anime, Neon has a Pooh figure from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho,tied in her phone strap. 
  • In the 2013 miss universe, Japan claimed Leorio her type. She claimed that Leorio has the traits of the man she is looking for.
  • In many early Northern European tribes, slaves were forbidden from hunting since they were not allowed to own weapons or bear arms.
  • Many hunters save the heads and/or other parts of the animal to have preserved so that they can mount it on the wall like a trophy.
  • In the United Kingdom fox hunting has been a long standing tradition. It has been considered a sport of the upper class for centuries.
  • Wolves were considered a type of vermin in early Europe. People were allowed to kill as many wolves as they could, whenever they could.
  • In 1937, Congress passed legislation that required money earned from hunting licenses and products to be used for conservation efforts.
  • When agriculture was introduced about 11,000 years ago, hunting became less important as people dedicated more time to cultivating crops.
  • When early humans hunted bigger game, like antelopes, they chose to eat only adults, leaving behind younger and older animals in the herd.
  • Dogs were most likely trained to hunt alongside humans in the early Neolithic era, and some breeds were developed to hunt specific animals.
  • Red deer, fallow deer, and hares were hunted for their ability to lead a chase, an exciting change from waiting for prey to wander into range.

Economic Facts About Hunting

  • Safaris are another popular form of hunting, in which a hunter goes on a journey that lasts several days to weeks, pursuing a big game specimen.
  • In the first volume for Hunter x Hunter released in 1999, Togashi paid tribute to Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon by thanking her at the end of the volume.
  • The French Revolution opened up lands for hunting, but the sudden free-reign of people on hunting grounds caused massive animal and ecosystem damage.
  • Some areas are banning the use of lead bullets because they have the potential to cause pollution when they miss their target and land on the ground.
  • New York sold its first deer hunting permit in 1864. President Roosevelt helped more states sell licenses, thus allowing for healthier revenue streams.
  • Zoldyck children’s names begin with the last syllable of the older like the Japanese word game Shiritori. Illumi – Milluki – Killua – Alluka – Kalluto.
  • Killua topped all three character popularity polls conducted so far by Weekly Shonen Jump. Kurapica constantly ranked 2nd while Gon took the third spot.
  • When Netero tested Gon and Killua on the airship, he only used his right arm and left leg. But sadly, in his fight with Meruem, the same limbs remained.
  • Some hunting techniques in the early modern era involved putting animals in an enclosed space and allowing them to be killed outright with little effort.
  • Ancient Egyptians used tamed and trained cheetahs for hunting; this tradition was passed on and kept alive until the 20th century by e.g. Indian royalty.
  • In 1999 Hunter x Hunter anime, Killua watched porno during his stay in a Yorknew City hotel. He even asked Gon to join him. Thankfully, Gon refused the offer.
  • Animals that are hunted in the wild today tend to be better sources of meat because they are able to eat a natural diet and roam free as they were intended to do.
  • Punishments for peasants who hunted on grounds owned by nobles included being sewn into a deerskin and chased by hunting dogs, who would kill the prey upon capture.

Important Facts About Hunting

  • Hunting may have helped establish traditional gender roles, as males were forced to learn to hunt more efficiently in order to feed their female mates and offspring.
  • Wyoming issues Jackalope hunting licenses for its official hunting season. It is on June 31st from midnight to 2 AM, and only for hunters with an IQ no greater than 72.
  • In the 1800s, over-hunting had brought about the extinction of several species, prompting the introduction of the extensive game laws currently in place in Great Britain.
  • African Hunting Dogs vote to decide whether to go on a hunt or not. The most important animals in the pack need only garner around 3 votes; the lesser dogs need about 10.
  • Scotland is so barren because most of it belongs to a few dozen wealthy people who use it as hunting grounds. Huge numbers of deer bred by them destroy all new seedlings.
  • Dwun’s room in greed island arc is a reference to a photo of the author’s room. Togashi has similar seas of Trash scattered around him while playing the game Dragon Quest.
  • Hunting is still important for people who live in areas where farming is impossible or very difficult, such as rainforests in South America or jungles in Southeastern Asia.
  • Hisoka’s Past (ヒソカの過去, Hisoka no Kako), a prequel one-shot of Hunter × Hunter focusing on the character Hisoka written and illustrated by Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul‘s mangaka).
  • In North America, people hunt, with the intention to eat, birds and waterfowl, turkeys, deer, moose, bear, elk, caribou, bison, bighorn sheep, rabbit, squirrel, beaver, and other animals.
  • Gon always receives heavy or significant damage on one of his arms on all arcs except Dark Continent. But, DC arc has not yet reached its finale so, maybe he’ll get his arm hurt here too.
  • Researchers believed early humans waited in trees for their prey to pass underneath, rather than chase after animals the way hunters in the classical and Renaissance periods generally did.
  • The near-extinction bison hunting in the 1800s was not to gain food, but to restrict the American Indians’ dominant food supply; herds were shot from trains and left to rot where they died
  • Among the four main characters, Kurapika is the only one whose last name has not been mentioned yet. We know he’s from the Kurta clan but still, his last wasn’t stated or mentioned before.

Fun Facts About Hunting

  • Some inmates in Greenland hold the keys of their own cells, may leave the premises during the day to go to work/school and are even allowed to go hunting with rifles to shoot birds and seals.
  • A fox shot his hunter in Belorussia(now Belarus). The man tried to finish off the fox with the butt of his rifle, but the fox pulled the trigger with its paws, wounding the man in the process.
  • Taxes on hunting licenses and equipment pay for 60% of wildlife agencies’ expenses. Less hunting means less funding, which is a concern for many state-run wildlife and recreational departments.
  • In the UK, nothing more deadly than a double-barreled shotgun is allowed as a hunting weapon, as the shooter can only unload two bullets before reloading, thus allowing prey the chance to escape.
  • Grizzly bears were so feared and respected by Native Americans that hunting them required a company of 4 to 10 warriors and was done with the same preparation and ceremonial as intertribal warfare.
  • There is a Hisoka emotion in the series, it can be seen when Hisoka wrote a phone message “the corpses were fake” with an emoticon of his face having the same star and teardrop colors at that time.
  • “Gun dogs” are dogs that hunt by scent and sight, and both fetch birds after they have been killed as well as sighting them before. Setters, spaniels, and pointers are the most common "gun dog" breeds.
  • Kings would often demonstrate their hunting ability for an audience of nobles. To do so, kings would have game brought to closed arena before shooting and killing it, rather than hunting it in the wild.
  • In North America hunters sometimes have to kill animals because they are threatening humans or livestock. Some of these animals that are hunted include coyote, wolves, cougars, mountain lions, and bear.
  • A couple of PETA members, after attending an anti-hunting campaign, wrecked into a deer. They followed up by suing the New Jersey Game Department claiming that their deer management program was to blame.

Unbelievable Facts About Hunting

  • Sport hunting has surpassed hunting for food in many parts of the world, although many animals that are hunted for sport are also consumed after they have been killed, such as moose, deer, elk, and bison.
  • When the Champawat Tigress, a Bengal tiger responsible for the deaths of over 436 people was killed, it was discovered that its canine teeth were broken. This had prevented it from hunting its natural prey.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt, himself an avid hunter, helped create the “conservation through wise use” principle and encouraged other hunters to donate to causes that would preserve the land they hunted on.
  • People that kill animals unlawfully are called poachers. In most cases in order to hunt a person requires a license and a tag to kill an animal. Poachers can serve jail time and pay expensive fines when caught.
  • Do you know Benny Delon? He enjoyed being a famous serial killer and lived for 100 years. He made knives engraved with numbers every time he killed and called it Ben’s knive, He accumulated a total of 288 knives.
  • Different methods of hunting exist around the world. They can include shooting, bows and arrows, traps, using other animals to chase and catch prey, spears, and today some hunters use the internet to hunt remotely.
  • In 2014, Namibia raised over $350k by auctioning off the right to hunt one endangered black rhino. The rhino was past breeding age and detrimental to the rest of the herd. The money was used to protect endangered animals.
  • Togashi has stated that he made Gon so simplistic compared to the other characters in the series to make these characters stand out and seem more interesting so that the series isn’t always focussing on the main protagonist.
  • The Burkitshi are nomadic hunters of Mongolia. They capture a golden eagle at the age of four and train it to become a hunting partner. The Burkitshi live and sleep with the eagle for ten years, and then it is released back into the wilderness before death.
  • The reason cats and snakes have vertical pupils is because it increases their depth perception while hunting at night while prey animals such as sheep have horizontal pupils so that they may have a panoramic view of their surroundings to watch for predators.
  • All four main protagonists share the same birthday characteristics – having the same number of birth month and day. And coincidentally, Hisoka too shares the same birthday characteristic. This is the reason why some fans consider him as the fifth protagonist.
  • Edward James Jim Corbett tracked and killed 33 well-documented man-eaters, 19 tigers, and 14 leopards, that combined to kill over 1,200 people. Despite the dangerous nature of the beasts he was hunting, Corbett traveled alone and by foot while hunting the cats.
  • In 1889, a dam owned by an exclusive hunting and the fishing club gave way, causing a flood that killed 2,209 people in southern Pennsylvania. The club’s members included many of the richest men in America and efforts to hold it legally responsible went nowhere.
  • When archeologists discovered early evidence of our human ancestors' hunting activities, it became clear that adding meat to the diet meant big changes for early Homo sapiens. For example, skeleton size increased soon after, suggesting meat was important for evolution.
  • In 1859, English settler Thomas Austin released only 24 rabbits onto his property in Australia, stating “The introduction of a few rabbits could do little harm and might provide a touch of home, in addition to a spot of hunting.” By the 1920’s the population reached 10 billion.
  • The Phantom Troupe has an arm wrestling rank among themselves to determine their physical strength. The order from strongest to weakest of this arm wrestling is Uvogin, Phinks, Hisoka, Franklin, Feitan, Machi, Chrollo, Bonolenov, Nobunaga, Shalnark, Pakunoda, Shizuku, and Kortopi.
  • The Nazi’s were staunch animal rights activists with major efforts to limit hunting and general animal cruelty. Göring, in particular, was a professed animal lover who proclaimed bans on both vivisection(Nazi Germany was the first country in the world to do so) and the shoeing of horses.
  • Serial killer/Cannibal Nathaniel Bar-Jonah after one of his victim’s disappearance started to hold cookouts in which he served burgers, chili and etc to guests. His response was that he had gone deer hunting. He did not own a rifle, a hunting license, nor had he been deer hunting at any time.
  • The extinct Passenger Pigeon bird went from being the most abundant bird in North America and possibly the world during the 19th century, to extinct in the 20th century due to massive hunting and habitat destruction. Martha, the world’s last passenger pigeon, died alone in 1914 at the Cincinnati Zoo, USA.
  • Some animals throughout history have been hunted for only a small portion of their body, resulting in devastating losses to populations. Some of these animals have included elephants (for their ivory tusks), bears (for their gallbladders), white rhinos (for their horns), and American bison (for their hides).
  • There are many similarities between NGL and Cambodia(a country in Asia). Like both did not allow any form of development beyond the primary sector, punishments were dealt with severity and in case of an outbreak or national emergency occurring both countries would just wait instead of calling widespread panic.
  • Based on an interview Togashi gave in 2013, he stated that Kurapika’s conclusion is to… Die. More specifically he was asked the question of what will happen to Kurapika AND the Phantom Troupe, and he answered saying (based on the known translation) that they will ALL DIE. Well, since it is Togashi, we don’t know whether he’s joking or serious.

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