30 Must-Know Facts About Ludhiana

Facts About Ludhiana

30 Must-Know Facts About Ludhiana, the Manchester of India

  • The city has a diverse population with people from various religions and backgrounds.
  • The city has an aeroplane-themed restaurant, "Hawaii Adda," built inside a repurposed Airbus 320.
  • Ludhiana is a paradise for foodies, offering delectable street food like tandoori chicken and butter chicken.
  • When it comes to hosiery and cycle parts, Ludhiana is the biggest manufacturer of cycles. Also, Ludhiana exports much of its produce. Ludhiana is the largest hub of bicycles with the production of almost 10 million each year. 
  • Punjabi is the dominant language, but Hindi and English are also widely spoken.
  • Ludhiana is also popular for its large grain market and rural Olympics.
  • The city faces challenges with air and water pollution due to industrial activity.
  • Hawaii Adda is an aeroplane themed restaurant located in the city. It is the transformation of an Airbus 320 and accommodates almost 65 persons. 
  • It's a major exporter of its manufactured goods, contributing significantly to Punjab's economy.
  • Well, food of the city is amazing they have the best of taste, you can get everything here in the city even Pao Bhaji from Maharashtra or Sambhar Vada from South and yes the famous Butter Chicken from the city itself. The city has to offer so much that maybe your stomach will be full but not your heart. 
  • It's home to the largest indoor skating rink in North India, attracting skating enthusiasts.
  • The city celebrates Lohri, a bonfire festival marking the winter solstice, with great enthusiasm.
  • Museum of Rural Life showcases traditional Punjabi agricultural tools and implements.
  • Ludhiana is situated on the Sutlej River floodplain, making it prone to seasonal flooding.
  • Ludhiana holds the Guinness World Record for the longest Bhangra dance event with over 75,000 participants.
  • It witnessed crucial battles during the Sikh Wars and played a role in the Indian independence movement.
  • It contributes significantly to India's bicycle production, churning out nearly 10 million annually.
  • Guru Nanak Stadium, hosting national and international sporting events, was named after the Sikh founder.
  • Primarily, famous as Lodhiana, the city used to the town of Lodhi, named after the Lodhi princes of Delhi Sultanate.
  • The city of Ludhiana has got its name from the Lodhi dynasty. It was founded in 1480. The city is one of the most populated ones in the State. 
  • Earning the nickname "Manchester of India," Ludhiana is a powerhouse for hosiery and woolen production.
  • Several historical gurdwaras, like Gurdwara Char Sahib and Nanak Sahib, attract Sikh pilgrims.
  • Ludhiana ranks as the best city for business in the country, many top businessmen belong to Ludhiana such as Mittal group of industries, Anand Mahindra, and even the Oswals are among the many names that come up when it comes to business. Anyone who wants to start a business could begin in the best place to start with. 
  • Besides Ludhiana is in great demand for its hosiery, the city is also a major textile producer and is looked upon as a light engineering center.
  • The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Haveli Heritage Resort offers a unique stay experience in a restored palace.
  • The literacy rate of the city is around 70%.
  • From Wonderland Amusement Park to Moti Mahal Water Park, there's amusement for all ages.
  • The city also exports dyes, cycle parts, mopeds, machine tools, woolen garments, motor parts, and sewing machines worldwide.
  • Ludhiana once held the title of "Mercedes capital of India" due to the high number of luxury cars owned by residents.
  • The Punjab Agriculture University is the largest agro-based university in India, lies in the outskirts of Ludhiana city.
  • The surrounding areas offer natural beauty with scenic villages and the Ropar Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary nearby.
  • The city is actively developing smart city initiatives to improve infrastructure and quality of life.
  • The city hosts vibrant cultural events like Baisakhi celebrations and the Ludhiana Food Festival.
  • Ludhiana offers a blend of traditional values and modern lifestyle, evident in its architecture and social norms.
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum houses a cannon gifted by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Initiatives like tree plantation drives and cleaner fuel alternatives are being implemented to combat pollution.
  • Its vibrant bazaars, like Chaura Bazaar and Ghoda Mandi, offer a diverse range of goods.
  • Ludhiana was once also called the Mercedes capital of India because of the number of Mercedes cars owned by the residents. 
  • Founded in 1480 by the Lodhi dynasty, Ludhiana's name derives from their Pashtun tribe.
  • The city is known for its warm and welcoming people, creating a strong sense of community.
  • Ludhiana is a hub for auto parts manufacturing, supplying major car companies.
  • The city boasts a thriving IT sector and educational institutions like Punjab Agricultural University.
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