100 Interesting Facts About Nike!

Facts About Nike: Nike is a leading U.S. sports and equipment maker. The company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, part of the Portland metropolitan area. It is found in sports shoes and accessories. It is the world's leading seller and leading manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenues of over US $ 18.6 billion in the year 2008 (ending May 31, 2008). As of 2008, it employs 30,000 people worldwide. Nike and Precision Castford are the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Oregon, according to The Oregon Magazine.

The company was founded by Blue Powerman and Philip Knight on January 24, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and was founded in 1978 by Nike, Inc. That officially became. The company derives its name from the Greek god of success, Nike. It was also based on the "strength" "success" used in Egypt. Nike markets its products under its own brand, Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike +, Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding, and subsidiaries Cole Horn, Harley International, Ambro and Converse.

Nike also owned Bar Hockey (later renamed Nike Bar) between 1955 and 2008. In addition to sportswear and equipment, the company also operates retail stores under the name Nike Town. Nike is the provider of the highly acclaimed trademark "Just do It" and the Swoosh brand for the most popular athletes and sports teams around the world.

100 Intresting Facts About Nike Shoes!

Fun Facts About Nike Shoes

  • The headquarters are based in Washington County, Oregon, USA.
  • Phil Knight still refers to Steve Prefontaine as the ‘Soul of Nike’.
  • There was an entire line of clothing dedicated to Prefontaine by Nike.
  • She actually drew the Swoosh from Adidas Logo while designing Nike’s logo.
  • One of the ambassadors or salesperson is known as an Ekin (Nike spelt backwards).
  • The company was recognized as ‘Blue Ribbons’ long before it was recognized as Nike.
  • As of 2015, there were more than 62,000 employees working for Nike across the globe.
  • The legendary ‘swoosh’ was crafted by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson for $35!
  • The Nike Waffle Trainer was patented and rolled out for sales by 1974.d and rolled out for sales.
  • Jeff Johnson pitched the concept and name ‘Nike’, which was inspired by the Greek goddess of Victory.
  • When the company first started, it was called Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1971, the name was changed to Nike.
  • The largest Nike store is situated on Oxford Street in London and is a grand total of 42,000 square feet.
  • Nike brand also owns Surf-wear brand Hurley. The 2002 deal is valued at around 100 to $140 Million Dollar.
  • Nike’s first ever store opened under the brand Blue Ribbon Sports in Santa Monica, California back in 1967.
  • Although Jordan popularized the Air Jordan 1, he hated the colors red and black when he first saw the shoes.

Interesting Facts About Nike The Goddess

  • Since 2012, Nike has been the official sportswear and apparel supplier for the NFL and for the NBA since 2015.
  • Later, Nike’s co-founder gifted the Swoosh logo inscribed in a golden frame to Davidson as a token of gratitude.
  • Nike further claimed that MSCHF infringed on and diluted its trademark with the black-and-red, devil-themed shoes.
  • Nike has its own travelling brand ambassadors. These ambassadors are addressed by their individual specific titles.
  • From footwear to apparel, Nike occupies over two-thirds of the US Footwear Market (62% of the world athletic market).
  • When the popular shoe company Converse went bankrupt in 2001, Nike purchased the company and the iconic line in 2003.
  • Nike’s first shoe was not exactly a sneaker but a soccer cleat. The company later started focusing on running sneakers.
  • Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program collects Nike shoes from consumers and transforms them into a new material called Nike Grind.
  • In 1980, Nike aired a commercial featuring a Kenyan tribesman who was supposedly saying ‘Just Do It’ in his native tongue.
  • Nike initially operated as a distributor for the Japanese shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger and officially became Nike Inc. in 1971.
  • Over the years, Nike has made some award-winning commercials, and in 2000 and again in 2002, the company won an Emmy award.
  • Zoom Air, one of Nike’s most popular shoes, was introduced to the market in 1995, but was first given the name Tensile Air.
  • ‘Nike’ was not the first choice of the founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. The name was almost finalized as ‘Dimension 6’.
  • Across the market for athletic shoes, Nike takes up approximately 62%, making it the most popular brand for sporting footwear.

Cool Facts About Nike

  • Footwear for Nike is manufactured mainly in China, Indonesia and Vietnam, but many of the shoes have also been made in the USA.
  • How YOU pronounce the brand name is of utmost importance! Nike is pronounced as ny-kee. It does not rhyme similar to bike or like.
  • However, an American anthropologist later claimed that the tribesman was in fact saying “I don’t want these, give me bigger shoes.”
  • In 2003, popular footwear store Foot Locker ceased to stock Nike’s more expensive ranges as they believed the prices were too high.
  • Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program takes the raw materials from sneakers for creating playground surfaces, track flooring, and gym floor tiles.
  • Nike is the brainchild of University of Oregon’s Track Athlete Phillip Knight and coach Bill Bowerman who founded it on January 25, 1964.
  • Nike has donated millions of dollars over the years to help renovate and maintain track and field facilities at the University of Oregon.
  • Nike was born out of the idea of a college paper. Phil Knight first thought about starting a sneaker company while writing a college paper.
  • Tinker Hatfield (also Nike’s shoe designer) designed Batman’s boots and boarding boots in Michael J. Fox’s movie ‘Back to the future part 2’.
  • Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase endorsed Nike in 1972 after signing a contract with the company. He was the first athlete to promote Nike.
  • In a second, Nike sells an average of 25 pairs of sneakers—that equates to $1000 per second, 66.000 a minute, and a Grand 700.000.000 per week!
  • The Air Jordan 1 was made famous by basketball player Michael Jordan; however, Jordan hated the colors red and black when he first saw the shoes.

Random Facts About Nike

  • After Nike displayed shirts in the window of a Boston store containing text such as ‘Get High’, the company was criticised by mayor Thomas Menino.
  • Nike denied the claim saying it is not connected to the project. Moreover, it sued the company that created the customized shoes on their release day.
  • In 1 second, Nike sells an average of 25 pairs of Nike sneakers. That equates for $1000 per second, 66.000 a minute, and a Grand 700.000.000 per week!
  • Many hardcore fans of the brand mispronounce the name ‘Nike’. It is correctly pronounced ‘ny-kee’ and the name comes from the Greek goddess of victory.
  • One morning in 1971, Bill Bowerman was making waffles with his wife when he got the idea for an athletic shoe sole with square grids for better traction.
  • Nike is mostly popular for its diverse approach and vision. One of its famous mottos – and all-around ethos – is ‘if you have a body, you’re an athlete’.
  • Nike runs stores in more than 160 countries around the world and has over 70.000. Up to 2018, Nike had over a thousand stores scattered across the globe.
  • The company is constantly trying to introduce new ideas to the market, and in 1991, they released denim acid wash golf shorts, which were not hugely popular.
  • Long before Nike became an athlete’s favorite, tennis player IIlie Nastase was the first professional athlete to endorse Nike after signing a contract in 1972.
  • Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal went to meet Nike owners dressed in Reebok apparel from tip-to-toe because he knew he didn’t want to sign into any contracts with Nike.

Outstanding Facts About Nike

  • Nike Golf, which is a branch of the Nike company, was started in 1984 by Bill Wood; however, it only truly gained popularity when Tiger Woods was signed in 1996.
  • Michael Jordan didn’t want to meet with Nike. In fact, his parents made him do it. And look how well that went! Good on Ya, Jordans! Listen to your parents, Kids!
  • Davidson transformed the angles of the Adidas logo into a bolder, thicker and continuous insignia to honour the spirit to continue against insurmountable obstacles.
  • Nike sells footwear, clothing and sports accessories in thousands of stores across the world. In total, there are more than 900 million items sold every single year.
  • Many of the names of Nike’s products have been taken from sports team. For example, ‘Columbia Blue’ is named after the ‘Columbia Lions’, a team which has a blue logo.
  • The very popular Livestrong bracelet was first seen in 2008; however, Phil Knight was not convinced of the idea and even laughed at it during an interview with Oprah.
  • Nike holds a strong partnership with the University of Oregon, under which it still designs and manufactures the apparel and sportswear worn by the college football team.
  • In April 2021, a pair of ‘Satan Shoes’—acclaimed produced, and customized by Nike—took the internet by storm as the sole contained a drop of human blood along with red ink.
  • As per social media users, Nike created the horrendous ‘Satan Shoes’ in collaboration with the famous rapper Lil Naas X. The launch was produced by MSCHF Product Studiop Inc.
  • Nike holds a patent for a shoe that has a communication device embedded in it. It is one of the first sportswear and apparel companies on the planet to embrace smart clothing.
  • The very first pair of shoes were made using a waffle iron, which created grooves on the soles. These then helped to grip the surface of running tracks when athletes wore them.
  • In 1990, almost 80,000 pairs of Nike shoes Air Solo Flights, Pegasus, and Strike Forces were lost at a sea. To this day, some of these shoes have also been spotted in the ocean.
  • The very first pair of Nike shoes were made using a waffle iron that created grooves on the soles. The design helped athletes to grip the surface of running tracks while wearing them.
  • Interestingly, Nike does not actually own the factories where its products are manufactured. Instead, these factories are owned by contractors and Nike pays them to produce the goods.
  • In 1978, Nike created a new advert for their Air Max shoes, and for the first time ever, a Beatles song was used in a commercial. The song which was chosen for the ad was Revolution No. 9.

Facts About Nike Logo

  • The famous Nike logo, a solid swoosh, was designed for just $35 by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University. Later on, she was given more than $640,000 worth of Nike products.
  • When Nike hired an advertising agency for helping them sell the shoes, it found inspiration in Gary’s last words. The phrase was rephrased as ‘Just Do It’ for Nike’s new slogan in a 1988 TV ad.
  • The world’s largest Nike store is in New York City. Spanning six floors and 68,000 square feet. The store incorporates all of Nike‘s digital advances to offer its customers a unique experience.
  • Davidson agreed for working on some possible designs when Knight felt that ‘Blue Ribbon’ needed a stronger brand identity. While Knight “didn’t love it,” the company eventually settled on the logo.
  • Knight encouraged employee shouting matches and seemed to enjoy when staff would argue over sports. By 1995, when they began quitting older attitudes, Knight said the company was not as fun as it used to be.
  • Nike has acquired several apparel and footwear companies over the course of its history. Some of which it doesn’t own anymore. In 2003 Nike made its biggest acquisition and bought Converse for 309,000,000 dollars.
  • Nike once sponsored skateboarder and TV star Bam Margera, to wear their shoes. However, Margera didn’t actually like wearing their products, so sneakily wore other branded shoes while plastering the Nike logo over the top.
  • Phil Knight was writing one of his college papers when he decided to start his own shoe company. He believed shoes made in Japan could compete with the other sports companies which were popular at the time, such as Adidas.
  • Michael Jordan did not want to meet with Nike. After declining his agent’s request to meet with the company, his parents talked him into following his agent’s advice. He flew to Nike’s headquarters and finalized a deal in 1984.
  • The famous ‘Just Do It’ slogan holds a sinister backstory and is inspired by Utah criminal Gary Gilmore during the 1970s. Gary was sentenced to execution after committing a double murder. During his final moments, he said, “Let’s do it.”
  • Although Nastase was the first officially recognized spokesperson of Nike, the company’s heart still belongs to Steve Prefontaine. Steve was a running legend at the University of Oregon before his tragic demise in a car accident in 1975.
  • One of Nike’s most recent innovations is a shoe which can be electronically paired up to a smartphone. The footwear contains a computing device which is embedded into it and can be connected to the smartphone of whoever is wearing the shoes.
  • Old Nike sneakers are recycled into “Nike Grind” a material used in creating tracks and playgrounds for kids. Nike Grind is a made up of recycled manufacturing scraps, post-consumer shoes from the Reuse-A-Shoe program, and unsellable footwear.
  • In 1987, Nike used ‘Revolution’ for one of its Air Max sneaker ads. Beatles sued them for $15 million saying that they don’t “peddle sneakers or pantyhose.” After certain negotiations, Nike protested and continued to air the commercial and let the campaign fade out in 1988. (Did you know this rare fact about Nike?)
  • A waffle iron was behind Nike’s first major innovation; the soles on the first Nike sneakers were made with a waffle iron in 1971. Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman was having breakfast with his wife one morning when he realized that the grooves in the waffle iron would make an excellent mold for a running shoe. And so it was!

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