130 Interesting Facts About Christianity

Facts About Christianity: Christianity is one of the religions that follow the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is estimated to be the largest religion in the world, with an estimated 1.2 billion followers in the world.

Jesus Christ was born in the town of Bethlehem, Palestine, about 2 years ago. Of course, the Jews yearned for independence as he was born and brought under the domination of the Roman Empire. Impressed by the eloquent words of the young Jesus Christ, he chose him as their leader. But Jesus Christ fought not against the Romans, but against the folly of his own people, against persecution, against condemnation, and against inhumanity. The eye that was so prevalent in Jesus Christ was tooth for tooth instead of the brutal rules, he spoke of the nobility saying, "Left to the right."

Jesus Christ wrote a new definition for the practice of stoning a woman trapped in a rock. The woman was often trapped. But shouldn't there be a male role in the fornication? Is he not equally guilty? Making a mistake is a human instinct. It is divine to correct the mistake and to forgive and innovate. Make friends with those who oppose you. Love builds confidence in forgiveness.

The world becomes beautiful when there is a noble feeling that all human beings are one. The essence of the teaching of Jesus Christ is that every human being then becomes God. This message of human love was spread by his disciples and followers everywhere. Christianity flourished because of the solidarity, discipline and Christianity of the disciples of Jesus Christ.

130 Interesting Facts About Christianity

Mind Blowing Facts About Christianity

  • The bible mentions unicorns 9 times.
  • Saint Peter is known to be the first pope.
  • Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Iran.
  • There is no physical description of Jesus in the Bible.
  • For Christians, the holiest day in Christianity is Sunday.
  • The Greek cross is sometimes also called st. Anthony's cross.
  • All Christians pray to Jesus, the holy spirit, and the father.
  • Grace and prayer are two of the seven pillars of Christianity.
  • What is more interesting to know is the differences in beliefs under Christianity.
  • Romans used to call Christians atheists because they didn't pay tribute to their gods.
  • Before a meal, many Christians say a prayer to thank God for providing them with food.
  • There is a version of the Bible translated into Hawaiian Pidgin called 'Da Jesus Book'.
  • In Christianity, one of the main goals is to ask forgiveness from God, and Jesus Christ.
  • In Christianity, the bible is accepted as closest to what Jesus Christ followed and taught.
  • The crux immissa is also another famous cross, this is also the cross on which Christ was crucified.
  • The Christian beliefs tell that the birth of Jesus Christ was hinted in the old testament of the bible.
  • After the death of Jesus Christ, the Bible, which was read in churches, was known as the new testament.
  • To simply put, Christianity has its own three branches, which are Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism.
  • The Buddha's story appears in Christianity as the legend of St. Josaphat and in Islam as the legend of Budasaf.
  • Due to the differences in the beliefs, two holidays emerged, one of which is Christmas and the other is Easter.
  • Today Christianity is the largest religion of the word and is practiced by Christians of all ethnicity and race.
  • In Lebanon, the President must be a Christian, the Prime Minister a Sunni, and the Speaker of Parliament a Shi'a.
  • In Asia especially, the belief in Jesus, son of God spread via missionaries, who focused on the teachings of Jesus.

101 Interesting Facts About Christianity

  • One of the most interesting facts about Christianity in Asia is there are more Christians in China than in Britain.
  • In Christianity, taking part in a communal prayer is a big part of worshipping the holy trinity and the holy spirit.
  • The concept of community in Christianity is so deep-rooted that it led to the formation of the first catholic church.
  • There are around 2.3 billion followers of Christianity in the world - that is nearly a third of the world’s population!
  • The Christian devotion to the cross can also be seen through the presentation of crosses on the maps of United Kington.
  • There have been 8 Christian Prime Ministers in Japan even though the Christians make less than 1% of Japan's population.
  • One of the most prominent Mongol tribes, which united under Genghis Khan to form the early Mongol Empire, was Christian.
  • George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were Christian Deists and did not believe that Jesus Christ was divine.
  • The majority of the teaching that Christianity spread is based on the life of Jesus and the principles that Jesus followed.
  • Easter is the name for the annual celebration of Jesus' resurrection and is a very special time of year for many Christians.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays because the only two accounts of birthday parties in the Bible resulted in murder.
  • Christians deem the holy spirit as the presence of God among humans on this earth to comfort us and to release us from our sins.
  • Although, as the years passed, Christianity became legal in the holy Roman Empire, but the start of Christianity wasn't so easy.
  • There was more time between the start and finish of the Great Wall of China than between the start of Christianity and present day.
  • Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ and Christians all across the world celebrate it with the highest of spirits.
  • Paul traveled to cities that were home to the poor, who were in desperate need of a direction and needed some guidance in their life.
  • For the clergy letter project, over 13,000 Christian clergies have signed an open letter affirming that evolution and God can coexist.
  • Under Christianity, a number of festivals are celebrated, one of the most famous among them is easter, which started with good Friday.
  • Christian philosophers were an easy target in the roman empire and they were often portrayed as cannibals or people who perform incest.
  • There is a "cult" (Eastern Lightning) offshoot of Christianity in China that believes Jesus is currently living in China as a Chinese woman.
  • The Indian state of Nagaland is 88% Christian of which 75% are Baptist making Nagaland both more Christian and more Baptist than any US state.

Important Facts About Christianity

  • In Christianity, it is believed that it is essential to have the strength to forgive the people who have caused you wrong in any possible way.
  • Many Christians believe that there is only one God, however, such beliefs were originally received from the Jewish religion and their practices.
  • The story of the birth of Jesus is called 'the Nativity' and is celebrated by many Christians every year on Christmas Day, the 25th of December. 
  • Some Christians celebrate Christmas while come celebrate easter, then there are some Christians who don't celebrate either of these two holidays.
  • The Greek cross is another important symbol in the Christian religion. This Greek cross has four equal sides and it is known as the crux immissa.
  • Christian catholics worship the Virgin Mary, the one god, Jesus Christ and the sacred sites that are marked as pious under the Christian religion.
  • In Christianity, the holy trinity is very important and every prayer starts with the cross symbol, praying Jesus, the father, and the holy spirit.
  • Among the many verses in the Quran that mention Christians, it is mentioned twice that they are equals to Muslims and will not grieve on Judgement Day.
  • Laws mentioned in the bible required farmers to leave parts of their fields unharvested for strangers, a practice that still exists in parts of the world.
  • When Christianity started spreading its roots, the initial communities that accepted Jesus with open arms were the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox.
  • Crosses were used earlier as well, even before Christianity came into the picture. During the earlier times the cross symbol was used as possession or belief.
  • During 313 AD the Christian faith took over Rome and grew among people. After the Roman emperor accepted Christianity, it became the official religion in Rome.
  • In 1950, Pope Pius XII confirmed there was no conflict between Christianity and the theory of evolution, and the Church supports the idea of theistic evolution.
  • There are many stories that portray the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; the most accepted story is that Roman soldiers were behind the crucifixions of Jesus Christ.
  • To simplify the teaching of Christianity and the philosophy of Jesus Christ, Christianity is divided into seven basics about which every Christian should be aware.
  • The other kind of important cross is the Latin cross, in the Latin cross the base is longer than the other three arms of the cross, it's known as the crux commissa.
  • Jesus could not have actually been named Jesus because the letter J did not exist until later in history. Earlier versions of the Bible referred to Jesus as "lesus."
  • Christians believe that God is all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient), all-loving (omnibenevolent) and that God is everywhere all the time (omnipresent).
  • Jews are often associated as scheming merchants who love money because in the Middle Ages Christians were forbidden to lend out money with interest, and Jews were not.

Wierd Facts About Christianity

  • The US founding fathers formally said,"the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion" in the Treaty of Tripoli.
  • St. Augustine, in the 4th century, wrote that Christians should not interpret Genesis literally because if science proved it otherwise, Christian witness would be gone.
  • There are some other groups of Christianity who don't celebrate Christmas at all, since the Bible doesn't mention Christmas and it doesn't teach about Christmas either.
  • One of the scholars (John M. Allegro) who translated the Dead Sea Scrolls was convinced that Christianity was based on an ancient psychedelic mushroom and fertility cult.
  • There are many cultural differences among Christians; western Christians still follow the Roman Christian sentiments, believe in the pope, and the power that the pope holds.
  • Despite the regular attempts of shutting down the Christian roots in the Roman Empire, during the first century, Christian philosophers weren't punished in other parts of Rome.
  • Many people don't know about this but not all Christians believe in the pope, some churches believe that the pope has too much power and doesn't have any alliance with the pope.
  • There was a religion in medieval Europe called Cathar. It was a splinter of Christianity, and they held beliefs such as women and men being equal and homosexuality being tolerated.
  • The spread of Christianity in Asia and Europe is due to the missionaries who traveled for years to reach the common people and introduce them to Jesus and the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Since the origins of Christianity dates back to biblical times, it's assumed that during the timeline of 392 AD Christianity became the largest practiced religion among Roman people.
  • When we see ancient german history, they also made a cross out of stone. Not just Christianity, other religions also use their different varieties of the cross as a religious symbol.
  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all worship the same Abrahamic god. Their religious texts also feature many of the same figures, histories, and places. Jesus is also a Muslim prophet.
  • As Christianity is such a widespread religion, different countries and their churches practice them slightly differently from one another with a tiny hint of their own cultural reference.
  • Missionaries first started the preaching of Jesus from Vietnam in the year 1300, and from there on they began exploring the east side of Asia and telling more and more people about Jesus.

Historical Facts About Christianity

  • Christian Atheism is a thing which believes in the teachings of Christ but not that they were divinely inspired. They see Jesus as a humanitarian and philosopher rather than the son of God
  • After Martin Luther openly argued about the norms of the church, he came up with a movement called reformation, which proved to be the reason why western Christianity divided into two sides.
  • As time passed, Christianity emerged to be more than just a religion and birthed several ideas which can be seen in the holiest city of Christians in form of their architecture and ancient paintings.
  • The most important sign and symbol in the Christian religion is the holy cross, although as the religion is spread across various countries the cross is started developing in different sizes as well.
  • Jesus is also known as the Messiah, a Greek word taken from the Hebrew word Mashiak/Mashiyach, meaning "the anointed one" or "anointed with oil." Keep reading for more fun Christianity facts for kids!
  • Christianity is increasingly popular among China’s youth. As many as 100 million people, or 7% of the population, have converted to the religion. The city of Wenzhou alone has more than 1,100 churches.
  • In the earlier times, Christian philosophers used to take the responsibility of spreading Christianity to non-Jews, which during that time, used to follow their own holy book known as the Hebrew bible.
  • Easter came into the picture when one group of Christians believed that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is more auspicious and they started celebrating that day as Easter, which starts with good Friday.
  • Redbad was the last pagan King of Frisia (northern Netherlands), refused to convert to Christianity because he "preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors than in Heaven with his enemies."
  • A mason in 1700's Jerusalem left his wooden ladder behind after doing some work on a church (Holy Sepulchre) and now it can't be moved without the agreement and permission of six different Christian leaders.
  • The Gutenberg Bible is the first-ever bible that was accepted in Christianity, although before this, there were 144 different books with different teachings ,which were then combined and formed as one bible.
  • Many Christians worship in buildings called churches. These services are led by a church leader, who are given titles such as Bishop or Reverend. Different branches of Christianity have unique customs for worship.
  • In 1631, almost all the copies of King James Bible were recalled and burnt due to a minor typo. The Seventh Commandment stated, "Thou shalt commit adultery". It was called the 'Wicked Bible' or the 'Sinners' Bible'.

Fun Facts About Christianity

  • The differences in opinions about Christianity occurred when one group believed that the birth of Jesus is the most important event of Christianity while some believed that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is more valuable.
  • Michael Faraday was one of the foremost experimenters of his time, declined a knighthood, believing that it was against the word of the Bible to pursue worldly reward. He stated that he preferred to remain "plain Mr. Faraday to the end."
  • Christians like to live in a Christian community, which also promotes the essence of communal prayers. Due to the need to stay in the community in olden times, the church came into the picture, which binds all Christians with one thread.
  • Unlike most bronze sculptures of Roman emperors, the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius was not melted down during the Middle Ages because Europeans of that time thought it was a statue of Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome.
  • Saladin was a legendary leader of the Muslims during the Crusades, allowed Christians who wanted to leave Jerusalem to leave peacefully and those who wanted to stay, to worship freely. He even restored a church that was burned to the ground.
  • The keys to the holiest site in Christianity (Church of the holy Sepulchre) are held by a Muslim family that opens the church every morning. Meant to keep the peace between the denominations, this arrangement has been in place since 1187 A.D.
  • Religious leaders of Christianity (like the priest or minister who leads the services in a Church) usually wear special clothes, called vestments. These can be very elaborate, like in a Catholic church, or very simple, like in a Baptist church.
  • Another interesting fact about Christianity is that the Bible was also the first book to ever be printed! This first printed version was known as the Gutenberg Bible and was finished in 1455. Over 100 million Bibles are still printed every year.
  • The government of Nazi Germany memorialized the victims of European witch trials of the 16th to 18th centuries, as they thought witchcraft represented the remnant of an indigenous "Aryan" religion untainted by the Judaic influence of Christianity.
  • In the earlier times when Christianity was just getting introduced into the holy Roman Empire, Christian philosopher Paul traveled for over 30 years to teach Christian beliefs to the Roman Empire to the busiest and most important cities of that time.
  • When we refer to the word church in Christianity it doesn't refer to a building or mean a building, it means a group of people that pray together as a family. Church refers to the group of people and not the building in which this group of people pray in.
  • Mohammed wrote an open letter to Christians that declared their right to self-governance, protection for churches and monasteries, and freedom to practice their religion openly in Muslim controlled areas. Muslims are commanded to follow this until the end of time.

Suprising Facts About Christianity

  • Vladimir the Great of Russia was confronted with the choice of converting Russia to Christianity or to Islam. He eventually chose Christianity, because of Islamic teaching on alcohol, saying, "Drinking is the joy of all Rus'. We cannot exist without that pleasure."
  • In 1254 Möngke Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan hosted a religious debate between Christian, Muslim and Buddhist theologians. The debate ended with the Buddhists sitting silently as the Christian and Muslim debaters sang loudly at each other. Then they all got drunk.
  • In 1974, fundamentalist Christians in Kanawha County were so upset over "immoral" books like "Autobiography of Malcolm X" being introduced to local schools they dynamited a school, attacked school buses with shotguns, and planted a bomb at a school board member's home.
  • In the year 1000, to save Iceland from civil war, both parties elected the wisest man (Ari Þorgilsson) to suggest a peaceful solution. He decided on a mass conversion to Christianity that tolerated pagan worship in private and everyone agreed. He even converted himself.
  • As in earlier times, Christian philosophers were held in a bad light, and they also had to pay a hefty price for teaching Christianity in ancient Rome. Nero, who was a Roman Emperor at that time, punished Christian philosophers by crucifying them or setting them on fire.
  • A man named Clyde Lott in Nebraska is breeding red cows and sending them to Israel in hopes of a pure red heifer being born there. Such an event will allegedly prompt Jews to build a Third Temple, which fundamentalist Christians believe will usher in Jesus' Second Coming.
  • In the Bible, The New Testament mentions that from Heaven will descend an enormous city named New Jerusalem made of "pure gold, like clear glass" and gives its specific dimensions as 1.9 million square miles. If rested on the Earth, its ceiling would be inside the exosphere.
  • In the second Matrix movie, Agent Smith's license plate is "IS 5416", which refers to Isaiah 54:16 from the Bible: "Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy."
  • Christianity has been practiced for thousands of years now and it's anything but simple. When we go further into the very essence of Christianity, it leaves us to the subject of practicing Christianity, and this part of the religion is again divided into five other sub-segments.
  • Indonesian President Sukarno ordered a Christian Architect to build the largest Mosque in the country. He also ordered it to be built next to a Cathedral and a Church as a symbol of the national religious harmony and tolerance. (Indonesia has the world largest Muslim population).
  • Historians believe the fate of Christianity hinged on the Battle of Tours (732 A.D.) where an Arab invasion force was defeated by a Frankish force in present-day France, preventing the spread of Islam to all of Western Europe and preserving, Christianity as the religion of Europe.

Facts About Christianity for Kids

  • Jesus only taught his preachings to Jewish people, however, Paul went beyond that and taught the teaching to non-Jewish people as well, that time they were called the gentiles. Paul did so by going home to home, informing people about Christianity in the very comfort of their own home.
  • "God helps those who helps themselves" is commonly quoted from the Bible, but isn't actually a Bible quote. The idea behind it goes back to Aesop's time, but the English wording was first used by Algernon Sidney. The phrase's rise to popularity is thanks to its use by Benjamin Franklin.
  • Different Christians practice their religion and pray to Jesus, the son of God in a different way. There are mainly five groups in which the Christians of today's times are divided, which are the Church of the East, the Catholic, the Oriental Orthodox, the Eastern Orthodox, and Protestantism.
  • Irish Monks and Scholars were instrumental in contributing to the spread of Christianity in Britain and continental Europe. Irish missions had such a profound influence in Germany and the Frankish Empire that Ireland became known as the ''Isle of Saints and Scholars'' to continental Europeans.
  • David Barrett is an aeronautics engineer who resigned abruptly after seeing a vision of Jesus. He then spent 40 years single-handedly compiling the first and only complete list of Earth’s 10,000 existing religions and 33,830 denominations of Christianity. This led him to all 238 countries on Earth.
  • When the subject of eastern orthodoxy arrives, this regards Christians who, typically, belong to Greek and Russian ethnicity - their ideas and practice of Christianity is slightly different from the Romans. Eastern orthodoxy does not believe in the pope and doesn't have any alliance with the pope as well.
  • A 4th-century bishop (Acacius of Amida) sold the sacred vessels of his church to free, clothe and feed 7000 Persian POWs: "Our God needs neither dishes nor cups; for He neither eats nor drinks." This made the Sassanid Emperor end the persecution of Christians, and hostilities ceased between the two empires.
  • While Niccolò Machiavelli (Italian diplomat) criticized Christianity and the Church, he also strongly believed in the use of religion as a political tool. He thought that fear of God kept society in order and that while a leader shouldn't be too religious himself, he should make his people as religious as possible.
  • As Christianity spread quickly, people from all around the world started practicing it the way their nearby church convinced them to. This didn't sit right with the German monk, Martin Luther, he not only challenged the very functioning of the Christian churches, but also argued about the enormous power which the pope acquired at that time.
  • There are lots of important symbols in Christianity. The lotus flower, for example, can relate to fertility and Mary, the mother of Jesus. It can also be used to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The fish symbol comes from the Greek word for “fish” and is an acronym of “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour.” It was painted on buildings when following Christianity had to be kept a secret!
  • Earlier Judaism and Christianity were not so different, more so, Jews were the first Christians. However, the difference in opinion started when Christianity started teaching more relaxed laws that did not sit right with the Jewish tradition. As Christianity spread, non-Jewish people who were now converting to Christianity started following the more relaxed laws now and eventually Judaism and Christianity became different religions.

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